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On November 8, Corpus Christians showed up in overwhelming numbers to cast their vote for the CLEAN SLATE candidates for City Council!  At-Large candidate JIM KLEIN was elected to the City Council, while At-Large candidate NANCY VERA received more votes than ousted incumbent John Martinez, and District 3 candidate ARMON ALEX earned over 1,300 votes!


On November 8, District 2 sent CLEAN SLATE candidate SYLVIA CAMPOS into a run-off race with former City Council member Mark Scott.

Now voters have a clear choice between a longtime community advocate and a career politician funded by big corporations.


SYLVIA CAMPOS is a lifelong resident of Corpus Christi, raising two children and six grandchildren here. Sylvia spent 40 years as a medical billing specialist, standing up to insurance companies and fighting for patients to receive the healthcare they need. As a Council Member, Sylvia will continue to fight for us and stand up to powerful special interests.


For nearly two decades, Sylvia has been an active leader and advocate in our community:

  • In 2007, as the Director of the Center for Progressive Studies and Culture, Sylvia helped host the first Coastal Bend Social Forum. Since its founding, the biannual Social Forum has brought together the community to talk about the pressing social issues here in Corpus Christi. 

  • In 2011, Sylvia launched Twelve Thousand Trees by 2012 to encourage Corpus Christi to plant more trees and hire an urban forester. Sylvia also served on the City’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for six years and then the Tree Advisory Committee for two years.

  • In 2014, Sylvia advocated to keep Memorial Hospital from closing as part of her long fight to increase access to healthcare in our community.

  • In 2018, Sylvia became a core member of For the Greater Good. Sylvia helped collect over 2,000 signatures and successfully saved the senior centers and libraries from the budget cuts proposed by then-Mayor Joe McComb.

  • In 2020, Sylvia helped collect over 4,000 signatures to let voters decide on desalination. She has consistently spoken out against desalination and giving away our water to big industry.

  • Sylvia served on the Board of Directors of K Space Contemporary Art Gallery.

  • Sylvia is currently Vice Chair of Membership for the League of Women Voters of Corpus Christi.


Sylvia will also continue her fight against baywater desalination and push back on tax breaks for wealthy corporations!


The Corpus Christi City Council has failed our community by committing 80% of our regional water supply to big corporations while WE face drought restrictions.  They plan to spend millions to build giant desalination plants for big corporations, despite the risks to our bay and the increase in our water billsAnd they have given millions more in unnecessary tax breaks to wealthy corporations, while OUR taxes go UP and public services like road repair, parks and libraries are underfunded.  But if you LIKE the current City Council, you'll LOVE career politician Mark Scott.

Mark Scott already had his chance to serve on the City Council, and he consistently voted against the public interest, putting our community at risk in order to serve his own agenda and that of his friends and corporate donors. We don’t need another career politician on our City Council who puts profits for a few over the needs of the many!


During his time on the City Council, Mark Scott voted or pushed to:

  • Give millions of dollars of tax breaks to wealthy corporations

  • Close 1.5 miles of public beach access for a luxury private development that voters rejected after the Beach Access Coalition collected the signatures to put it on the ballot

  • Kill a plastic bag ban that would have cleaned up trash in our city

  • Give away our water reserves to a dangerous coke-fired power plant that would have harmed our health and environment.  The project was eventually defeated by community opposition and concerned healthcare providers.


Many residents also remember when Mark Scott tried to resign from City Council a few months before the end of his last term in an effort to violate term limits and keep running for office. Taxpayers got the bill for his protracted legal dispute with City attorneys.  Eventually Scodropped out of the race.


Wealthy corporations and individuals have poured thousands of dollars of donations into Mark Scott’s campaign. They know he’ll vote in THEIR interest, NOT ours. 


He’s sold us out before, he’ll sell us out again.


The current City Council doesn’t care, doesn’t listen, and doesn’t represent us. They make US pay so wealthy corporations can make record profits.

It's time to work together to elect the CLEAN SLATE!  Sign up here to let us know that YOU want to help ensure a better future for Corpus Christi!

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Pol. adv. paid for by Texas Campaign for the Environment, Corpus Christi, TX